Friday, February 11, 2011

oragandy vs. mod squad

Several years ago I received  my first bottle of Chanel nail polish. the color I picked out was Organdy, the ultimate girly, bubble gum pink. I still have this polish after about ten years however, it has now become thick and impossible to apply without streaks and globs. Upon trying to score another bottle I was saddened to find out that it had been discontinued! Ever since, I have been trying to find a similar shade of bright, happy pink. I braved the aftermath of our brutal Chicago blizzard in search of this shade (I also needed a little break from the taupey/beige polishes of the season). I trekked to Ulta through waist high snow and upon arrival I raced to the nail section...Like a light shown down from above with the angels singing I spotted the perfect dupe for my beloved Organdy..Essie Mod Squad!! I raced home, removed my sad "greige" polish and applied a generous coat and topped it of with a layer of Seche Vite. I haven't removed it for a week now and it still looks fresh (this is saying alot since I change my polish every other day!)
What are your favorite dupes for discontinued products?

                                                                                       Essie Mod Squad

                                                                                           Chanel Organdy                                            


  1. Both are gorgeous! :)

  2. Totally loving the Chanel Pink polish! So lovely!

    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC