Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the current obsession

Lately, I've become obsessed with many things. Being inspired by something (or just simply lusting after it) can be quite fun and it seems like the summertime triggers some sort of obsession high, be it the perfect lipstick, sundress or song. Let's face it, summer's just more fun and we feel more free to experiment. So, here's a list of my current summertime obsessions:

1. Pastel Nail Polishes: Creamy, milky, opaques hues lo
ok great on tanned fingers and toes. I get a real Malibu Barbie feel in Essie's Van d'go. These shades tend to go on a bit gloppy and streaky, so they do require a steady hand and several coats but the results are worth it!

Essie Lilacism

Revlon Minted

Essie Van d'go

2. Lily Aldrigde Hair: This is the perfect grown out summer hair. Dark roots mixed with brassy (dare I use brassy as a positive?!) sun bleached locks give a real surfer girl look.It's a good option for us dark hair ladies who want to lighten up for summer without ending up completely blonde. This is definitely the picture I'll bring to my next hair appointment.

3. Vespa Stella in baby blue: Who hasn't fantasized about zipping around Europe on one of these babies (see Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday) except I want to drive! This isn't actually a "current obsession"..this one's been going on for a's just too cute!

4. American Apparel Neon swim suit: My long awaited trip to Miami is finally approaching and i can't stop lusting after bright, fluorescent items to wear on this trip! This will look crazy great on the beach with a nice's a bit tacky...but i like that! Plus the color will match that margarita in my hand!

5. Hamburger Mary's Malibu Mojito: So this is a year round just tastes like pure summer so it really beats those winter blues, but there's really nothing better to beat the heat than sipping on one of these babies on the patio. A basic mojito mixed with malibu coconut rum and muddled pineapple...yum!

What are some of your current obsessions??
xoxo jessica.

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